Sunday, July 27, 2008

Creating a Web Page

Just look at here first:

Page Title: Does your title explain what the page is? Is your page title descriptive? This is what will show up if someone bookmarks your page, and at the top of the page.

Content: People come to Web sites for information. If your Web page doesn't have any, then they won't come back.

Page Length: Have you thought about how your page will look on different browsers? If it is too long, people won't want to scroll to read it, but if it's too short, it won't have enough information to keep people on the page.

Image Size: Are your images smaller than 12Kb? If you must have an image larger than that, show the reader a thumbnail (a smaller version of the image, that was resized by a paint program not the browser) and allow them to decide if they want to download it.

Image Quality: If you add it to the page, then think about what it lends to the page. For example, these check marks are here to emphasize the "checklist" nature of this page.

Image HTML: Does your image tag have all the necessary HTML? This includes the width and height, and the alt text.

Link Text: Do you link to descriptive text rather than boring words like "click here"? The biggest problem with navigation on the Web is that readers don't know where they are going.

Link Quality: Do all of your links go to active pages? If you maintain a site on the Web, you should spend time every week making sure that the links work. There are many validators available to check your links with.

General Issues

Feedback: If you are putting up a Web page, feedback from your readers can help you make it better. Chances are, the spammers will find you either way, and hiding your identity just makes your page look less real.

Last Updated: If you update your page frequently, this helps readers determine if they will find value in reading your site again.

Valid HTML: Does your HTML meet HTML standards? While it isn't always vital that you use only HTML standard tags, you should use correct HTML, and use browser specific tags only when you have adjusted for the differences on different platforms.

Correct Spelling and Grammar: Are there any spelling or grammar errors on your page? If there are, you should fix them. Simple typos can destroy the credibility of an otherwise wonderful page.


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