Thursday, September 11, 2008

IT Outsourcing Services

"Outsourcing" is indispensable for every business enterprise today. It Outsourcing Services is comparatively most popular in all businesses. Our company can be relied upon to deliver partial or full life-cycle projects on time and within budget. By outsourcing a portion of their development needs to Website Outsourcing, our customers gain a flexible and cost-effective resource enabling them to increase product ranges, decrease time to market, and significantly lower development costs. Website Outsourcing provides IT Outsourcing offshore outsourcing services encompassing the full software application life-cycle:

  • Requirements analysis. During this phase, we work together with you to specify product needs. You collect your customers´ requirements for the target product and we conduct in-depth technology research. Together, we select the optimal technology toolkit to meet your product requirements for performance, scalability, reliability, availability and budget. Our technology consultants will also help your marketing team build on more value-added product functions.
  • Architecture design. Product design is critical for commercial success in the market. We are committed to deliver products with high-level user interface that all target product user groups enjoy. We develop solution architecture and design that enable our customers to achieve their product performance and scalability goals. Our experts ensure the product architecture is optimized for further product version releases to maximize product profits.
  • Project planning, risk assessment and release negotiation. Project planning is a most critical and complex part of entire IT Outsourcing process. We implement comprehensive project management schemes, successfully deal with all project risks and allow our customers to integrate into development process at any level of detail. Project release schedule and major milestones are negotiated at the very first stages, allowing you to keep your project within strict budget and time constraints.
  • Development. Our development teams consist of highly experienced developers, who are aware of latest development technologies. Our tech leads implement thorough control of software implementation and ensure flawless project plan execution. We are able to use many development tools, technologies and environments.
  • Quality assurance (QA) and testing. Rigid testing is a critical part of the product development process. We ensure that your product is bug-free, stable and works flawlessly on a variety of user environments. Our performance testing covers load & stress, scalability, and capacity testing under required conditions. Usability testing includes simulating user environments and usage scenarios to ensure usability; user interface navigation, and responsiveness.
  • Maintenance and technical support. Upon product deployment in the market, our experts remain available for on-going technical product support. We can also recommend specialized providers of automated and live product support services to effectively serve your customers in multiple client locations across time zones.
  • Product enhancement and service release management. Software products require continuous enhancements based on real-world feedback. Our experts provide life cycle support for our products: product feature enhancements, fixes, tuning activities, migration and porting to newer or alternate platforms. Our specialists are ready to work on the new product version release should you need product re-engineering.

Key areas of our technology expertise are enterprise management (including Windows, Active Directory and UNIX platforms), industrial and embedded systems, mobile applications, web-enabled e-solutions and more. Our project planning and reporting allow our customers to retain as much control of the IT Outsourcing projects as they wish.

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